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ZS: Propkilling

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I know its been done before, but this is my tutorial of it :D]

Thanks, but there is 1 already.


Cool tutorial :] *thumbs up*


P.S: its good anyway :P

Hmm, I wonder how to use fraps without lags...

uhh yes, when I want to see my recorded videos, I see that they are over 9000 mb. Is that how it has to be?

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You need to have a good fps even without fraps like 60>. than it will record with only a nearly unnoticeable lag.

I will probably make a propkill compilation later on, but its hard to record good ones.

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I dont find it annoying to help others. :D. Every new player is a potential regular player. :)

i am already busy with my propkill compilation. ( i got 1 propkill for now, i missed like 5 times in recordings :S)

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