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Does this work on games? (not browser games, actual games)

It catches ALL input. Doesn't matter what you have opened.

I remember using WhatPulse back when I played GunZ and it complained that I was going faster than its input limit.

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I downloaded Whatpulse when you made this topic, just to work for Mr. Green. So I have it on for years now, but I'm STILL not in the list. ;-(


By the way:

Mr. Green - Your mulitplayer community



BlueYoshi97 has been a participant since 2010-01-04 (30 months ago), and in that time has typed 9,802,542 keys, clicked 1,705,516 times and moved his or her mouse for 215.42 miles. Averaging 0.13 keys and 0.02 clicks per second. This user last sent a pulse to this server on 2012-05-03 18:35:32 and has sent a total of 2 pulses overall. BlueYoshi97 lives in Netherlands. BlueYoshi97 also referred 0 users to WhatPulse.

That means that if I WOULD have been on the Mr. Green list, I would have been on 5th position.

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Wait... What... I have been getting closer and closer to Clavus? Don't ya use one keyboard in a week, and then change it after your older one broke down because of overusing?

Edited by MiF

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This is 100% safe right? So you won't get any VAC bans if you use it right?

Yes it is! Been using it for years.


Already had it on my lap, installed it on my pc and joined =)


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2 hours ago, Maher said:


I wonder how does it work correctly?

Same, doesn't seem to work.

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