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    mta Multi Theft Auto: Race
    Current Map: Cannonball

    mta Multi Theft Auto: Race …
    Current Map: NTS_ Balada Del…

    # Nickname Score Time Played
    *Ka4a.Ru 0 kills
    Alan 0 kills
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    # Nickname Score Time Played
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    DeliciousTurban80 0 kills
    KoM|TheButtler 0 kills
    MR|Show 0 kills
    MoRiT 0 kills
    T-w|Haraz 0 kills
    helloCREEP 0 kills
    r0sser 0 kills
    NTS_ Balada Del Diablo y La Muer
  • Posts

    • Hey, thanks !! For your first point, I also remember this system being used on Stoned Potatoes ZS, but I don't think it's really needed.  Before adding the assist system, zombies were always winning so I'd rather not add more advantages for them until it's becoming a necessity.I don't exclude the idea of adding dynamic spawning, but for now this isn't on the table. For the filters, you can disable them totally or partially with the F4 menu, though I reckon that there should be tooltips or icons telling where the option menu is, I will work on this in the future.   I'm not sure how it looks like with vanilla blood splatters, but having blood addons may help (check my videos in the other threads, they have the custom blood decals addons). If you mean the bloody gibs, I can add a bit more gibs but it may have an impact on performance so I won't add too much gibs in a first time.        
    • Firstly, very nice to see this gamemode come back, it was and probably still is my favourite game and the sole reason i bought garrysmod to begin with. I pirated the game on PacSteam before buying it, and if I'm not mistaking, Mr Green had the only no-steam server so it was probably the first server I ever played. Anywho, heres my feedback after trying the demo on sunday: - Zombies should be able to spawn anywhere as long as out of sight of humans, if anyone remember killas zombie survival in the past, they had it and it made being zombie easier when less people were playing. It also prevents spawn camping.  - The colours or whatever filter is on to lack contrast or something, it seemed a bit grayish if that makes sence. - Set bloodspatter on max if possible, in the old versions i remember there to be tons of blood everywhere when people died.
    • Don't know if I have time to play a lot, but the map looks really interesting, IGN: jillesstijn64   -Added
    • @GonzalezoI removed your forum ban. I will remove your ban ingname later today.   I need your serial.
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