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  • Servers

    mta Race Freedom Flyers
    # Player Nickname Score Time Played
    *GBN*LechublgAR 0 frags
    -]alw[-MoshPit 0 frags
    -]alw[-Santiii733 0 frags
    >Yassine 0 frags
    Abelgamer88 0 frags
    BLUR 0 frags
    BOXDIL 0 frags
    DestroYeR125 0 frags
    FosterKane 0 frags
    Jacko8809 0 frags
    JulkaLo<3 0 frags
    LATVIA- 0 frags
    LoutishParasite1 0 frags
    LyingBeaver8 0 frags
    Mateoryt 0 frags
    Miguelstr1 0 frags
    MuRcI@ 0 frags
    NOT_HUMAN 0 frags
    SableShark42 0 frags
    Siiker_Craft 0 frags
    SosluMucurta 0 frags
    Startseva[RUS] 0 frags
    Sunderstruct 0 frags
    TickeR 0 frags
    TorpidRobber1 0 frags
    [AFE]Stinoking 0 frags
    ferf676 0 frags
    palmtree 0 frags
    zatox 0 frags
    mta Race Mix [SH] Momento
    # Player Nickname Score Time Played
    *GBN*Alexis 0 frags
    *GBN*virus.exe 0 frags
    Brown 0 frags
    CnT|BYEBYE 0 frags
    CnT|NITRO 0 frags
    DZ(*Roba 0 frags
    FaP|Bern 0 frags
    FaP|Chuck 0 frags
    Jesus 0 frags
    KoM|Accident 0 frags
    KoM|Goldberg 0 frags
    KoM|behemoth 0 frags
    deadpool_br 0 frags
    gmod Zombie Survival zs_brightside
    No Players
    gmod Slave of GMod sog_garage_v1
    No Players
    gmod Darkest Days dm_thumper
    No Players
    killingfloor2 Killing Floor 2 KF-HostileGrounds
    # Player Nickname Score Time Played
    Schizoid 2,857 frags 42 minutes and 51 seconds
    Domino24 2,567 frags 42 minutes and 50 seconds
    Tethras 706 frags 42 minutes and 51 seconds
    ShutterSF 351 frags 27 minutes and 43 seconds
    The Ultimate Warrior 339 frags 35 minutes and 51 seconds
    Jin 06 0 frags 28 minutes and 57 seconds
    48 / 120
  • Posts

    • Let's start with a new forum game, this time show others your mobile device in the best possible/funniest way you can.   My Device: OnePlus 3 (Graphite) - ROOTED       Specs   Pictures       My Xposed Installer APPS     Price of this phone  Around $400   If you have questions about this phone ask me. I'm interested to see your devices. ••• Refer to my other topic: Show your room
    • Thx for the screenies, banned for a day since it isnt the first time he does it.
    • do somthing about this guy he , when he fail he start blocking players for no reason , he do this every time he join the server , he get premier before from @BlueYoshi97 for the same reason , plz do somthing
    • 6/10 A different song...     
    • I agree with wooziee, please stop to upload again bunch of crap maps to the race server, there are already more than enough shitty maps uploaded, almost every 4th map is just crap that needs to be deleted, sometimes I think who the hell did upload this? There used to be alot of crap maps even back then years ago, but at least some of it had a sense, now it's every single stupid map gets accepted. I can create a map with ONE cp and set it to the end of San Andreas at any tree or some hill and put random start spawnpoints with different vehicles all over San Andreas and it gets uploaded, hah that map exists already.... 
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