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Some exclusive VIP features include:

Rainbow colors (Vehicle body, wheels & lights
Continuously changing colors for your paintjob, wheel rims and/or lights
+50% bonus GC for winning/finising map
While you're VIP, earn 50% more than normal for winning and finishing a map.
Forum, discord and ingame tags
Show your support with an ingame, discord and forum badge exclusively for VIP's.
1 FREE map purchase daily
You can purchase 1 free map daily.
Exclusive VIP character skins
From 5 to 10 different modded skins/characters (more can be added later).
Longer nicknames (# color codes do not count)
Have a name up to 22 characters, and add as many colors as you'd like.
Blinking vehicle lights
Have blinking vehicle lights in different modes/order/speed.
Police siren lights
Add police siren lights to your vehicles
Help us reach the monthly goal in order to pay for our expenses, such as server hosting bills.
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