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Mr. Green Gaming is an online games community founded back in 2006. We host gameservers for various games such as Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, Garry's Mod and more. Everyone is welcome to play on our public servers or by joining an upcoming online event.

Hello everyone, @KaliBwoy have been working on a new site for some time now. It is finally available now and everyone can visit and use it.

What is available right now?

  • Over there you will be able to donate GreenCoins or VIP.  
  • You will be able to see Leaderboard, stats and Tops. (Map upload is coming soon).
  • A home page which shows our monthly donation goal and last 3 announcements made.
  • You can also join the MTA servers by clicking on the MTA icon on either the Home page or MTA.
  • It also shows how much GreenCoins you have and how many days of VIP (Home page).

If you encounter any bug please let us know so we can fix it.

What are we working on regarding the site?

  • GreenCoins transfer between accounts 
  • Clans bank. Which means clan members will be able to deposit GreenCoins and if the clan needs to be renewed, it will auto renew if it have enough GreenCoins. (Also transaction history so you know who deposited and who didn't.) 

If you have more suggestions to be added let us know!

Have a good day everyone.

By: Cena - 4/8/2019

Financial report: March 2019

Total income: €154.13
Total expenses: €55
Previous balance: -30.09
Current balance: €69.04

Income sources:

  • €146.25 - PayPal (GreenCoins payments)


  • €55 - Dedicated Server, monthly payment (Xeon E3-1270v3, 32GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, 2 TB HDD)

Thanks to everyone for a good month! Really appreciated!

By: Cena - 3/29/2019

Every 1 Euro will be 2,000 GreenCoins. As of now till the end of March! (31-03-2019). Make sure to take advantage of that! There will be one condition only.


- Minimum donation to be is 5 Euros to get double GreenCoins (In that case you would get 10,000 GCs). Any donation lower than 5 Euros, it will be the exact same exchange rate 1 Euro = 1,000 GCs. 


Click on this link so you can donate: 


By: Cena - 3/15/2019
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Help us reach the monthly goal in order to pay for our expenses, such as server hosting bills.
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