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What was the first game you played?


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Guest AleksCore

I have no idea :D Probably it was Super Mario (NES) or Tetris (Tetris). My first PC game was something from this list: GTA 1, GTA Vice City, NFS Underground, NFS Porsche Unleashed, Alladin (?), Alien Shooter 1 or random small Alawar game

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I played some sort of an gold mining game with an really old computer when I was little, its was pretty simple game but back then computers or games weren't that developed anyways. It all stopped when lighting struck the computer and I went back to the woods playing with sticks and stones...

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The very first games i remember playing are the following : Need for Speed Underground, Rosso Rabit In Trouble and Highway Pursuit. They all came out when i was around 6 or 7 yo which is around the time i got my first pc (some black DELL with old TV monitor and pc box was same as a video box with cartridges :lol:). Before that i just played with small toy cars in the garden with my friends :D

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