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MTA Race & MIX Map reports

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In order to improve our servers map quality you can report here maps that are badly rated or bugged on our servers so map managers can review/delete them.
Please refer to this format to report a map:
Map name:

Provide screenshot or video if possible

Edited by SDK
Added screenshot line

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Thanks for the reports.


Las Venturas Race - Deleted

Pachanga_ Possible or Impossible - Deleted

Garcia - Deleted

Omen - Deleted

[RACE]Port - Deleted

ToonTown - Added ghostmode, no more blocking or ramming.

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- Race

- tma-sa8

- The map is so broken, the loops are bugged and when ur at the point of winning you just flip over and hit the barrels.

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- Race

- Race Waka Waka

- not sure why, but the cars always seem to be bugged for me (neon lights and map maybe dont mix)


That happened to me at the same exact map too.

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