Greetz from NZ
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Hi, names Choma - as you may have guessed :)

Made an account so i could pop in and say hi! (that and to get my hourly played greencoins!)

Just recently got back into MTA after a looong break. Im an old skool player from the early days (any one else here playd ViceCityMTA when it came out?), was an admin on DRuG server with Nikt circa 2010, played in SiK and Green over the years as well!

Anyways, good to meet y'all, and im sure to see yas in game.

ps: im known to rant about nothing, so if i get TOO ranty in game, tell me to shut the hell up, lol ;)


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I think I have seen you ingame (mix server as I play there only xD). Anyway, welcome and hope you enjoy ^^

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Wow, Yoshi - i havent seen that poster in a while :P

and thanks all for the welcome onto your Marae (meeting house),

as thanks, i bring koha (gifts): 

Apologies for that rustic piece of arcana :D

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