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[Idea] Top wins on each map and new leaderboard on web [Race/Mix/Web]

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Contribution name: Top wins on each map and new leaderboard on web.

Implementation in: Race/Mix server and in the web of Mr. Green.

Description: Basically the proposal would be that on each map there is a top of the users with the most victories in it. And also that there is a new leaderboard on web.


Top wins on each map

Well, you already have an idea of what this is about. This top, Unlike the top of the best times, will only have 5 spaces. This will be to the right of the other. It will also open by pressing the F5 key. And, clearly, only registered users can be in it. And finally, the user with the most victories in each month will also be rewarded.

  • Will there be rewards for being in that top? That the administration decides.
  • Can you see this top on the page? Yes.

Why should it be implemented on the server?

More competition, fun, and especially a new top where you can stay.







Top Player Wins leaderboard on web



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Is it something like winning streak? Or something like daily/weekly missions (objectives)? 


Or something like for each map it is saved who have won that map the most times?

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2 minutes ago, Dale said:

Although the winning streak and daily missions idea are very interesting. 🤔

Yes we do have them already in Trello, but we can't do a lot of things at the same time sadly. KaliBwoy is doing his best to do everything in a time. 


About your idea, it is also nice feature I like it, but I will need to speak with KaliBwoy or Mihoje (depends on who will code it). 

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3 minutes ago, assntitties said:

¿No entiendo? cuál es el punto de esto.

Ye, racha ganadora tiene más sentido ^ dar más gc si sigues ganando

Another top where we can compete. :D

I find it more interesting that the best users on each map are shown on the top.

1 minute ago, Cena said:

Sí, ya los tenemos en Trello , pero lamentablemente no podemos hacer muchas cosas al mismo tiempo. KaliBwoy está haciendo todo lo posible para hacer todo a la vez. 


Sobre su idea, también es una buena característica, me gusta, pero tendré que hablar con KaliBwoy o Mihoje (depende de quién lo codifique). 

I get it. I don't know if this is so easy to program. But hey, the important thing is that you liked it!

I had more proposals in mind, but now that you say it better I will wait a little haha.


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