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Who's still playing L4D2?

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It got boring too fast. The high pings, rather...it's just too similar. Well, sure it is Left 4 dead (2!) but still, they've could've done something more :C.

Basically, I only play it when some pals ask to join, otherwise, pretty much like denied.

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Yesterday I played with Sneed, Emra and Lemon the hard rain campaign :)

Good times!

Also, if anyone is interested, here is IP for 25 player server I know:

However, I have no idea if it still is up, haven't visited it during this year.

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4 hours ago, AleksCore123 said:

We should cooperate, but I can play only at Sunday this week. I'll try to keep it in mind, we really should coop in discord

well send a message when u are ready to play ! 

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